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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sky drop Arsenal in favour of Spurs and NDP funding news


Arsenal have been dropped from a live TV game by Sky and have replaced the Arsenal versus Leicester City game on 26 April with Crystal Palace versus Tottenham Hotspur on the same evening.

The change suggests that Sky now feel that Tottenham Hotspur will attract more viewers for their TV ratings and advertisers. it is further evidence that Tottenham are now the number one team in North London, as if there was any doubt.


In other news, Hotspur Spectator has posted a piece about the Northumberland Development Project entitled NDP - Public Grant/Subsidy. It is the response from Haringey Council to a Freedom of Information Request made by Hilary Adams on 29 March.

She was asking for details of all the payments Haringey Council had paid to Tottenham Hotspur since the date planning permission was given in 2012. Hotspur Spectator provides several links to the documents that relate to the answer.

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