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Monday, 3 April 2017

Pochettino has only fielded his best team once this season

Thinking about how many injuries we have had this season and the fact that our squad depth needs improving, despite being second in the Premier League, the following Tweet from Steve is interesting.

Tottenham have only fielded this XI (our strongest possible XI imo) ONCE in the league this season. No squad depth🤔

Few would argue that that is now our strongest team, given we now play three at the back so the fact we have only seen them together once is amazing. We would hope that is the XI who play Chelsea but Danny Rose and Harry Kane remain doubts.

Our squad depth can't be that bad if we are in an FA Cup semi-final and sit second in the league but on the other side of the coin, we didn't progress in the UEFA Champions League as we would have liked or the UEFA Europa League.

That shows there is room for improvement, there are more steps to take to get to where we want to be, one at a time though. The summer sees the next leg of the rebuilding process. The constant question is, how can we improve for long-term success, the same question you should be asking yourself every day, are you? If you are not then how can you expect your children to?

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  1. Lamela, if he'd been fit and kicking on from his breakthrough season last year, would be in the mix for starting in our strongest line-up. But at the expense of who, tho'? Also, I still see Dier as a better holding midfielder (with more vision) than Wanyama, despite the latter's backbreaking work (just hope his back IS ok). But then that would make us a 4 at the back. Still, it's nice to have the choice of a proper plan A and B in terms of formation. Really impressed with Davies. He's doing his very best to cover Rose, and has rarely put a foot wrong. As for Jannsen, we all so much want him to succeed (as we wanted Soldado to) but presently, even with Son, we struggle to replace Harry in this team.



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