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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Bayern Munich interested in Walker, nothing to be worried about


Another mountain out of a mole hill story from the Daily Star who are suggesting Bayern Munich interest in Kyle Walker is huge news. It isn't.

The former Premier League Young Player of the Year has made it plain in interviews with Spurs TV that he is very happy at the club and doesn't want to leave. The 26-year-old (27 in may) has become the undisputed England right-back under the tutelage of Mauricio Pochettino who has improved his game no end.

He has 5 assists this season, the moist for a full-back and puts in some brilliant crosses that go wasted when strikers don't anticipate one of his telling crosses. We still don't attack the 6-yard box enough, but instead try to react after the cross has been made, by which time it is too late.

The Daily Star want to suggest we have a fight on our hands to keep him, we don't. I ask you how many English players have gone to play in Germany when they have been wanted in England?

It seems the story comes from TMW, an Italian news outlet who collect stories and publish brief details. They suggest he has been put on Bayern Munich's list and that of Barcelona too, although Barcelona will have a new coach for next season who will need to be consulted.

At present, there is nothing in the story and nothing to worry about.

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