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Thursday, 20 April 2017

A West Ham article well worth a read for Spurs fans

It is refreshing to read an honest article from a West ham fan who appreciates the difference between the two clubs and uses a spot of comedy to boast the biggest TV screen in Europe and a shorter travelling distance, I did chuckle.

Some of the comments were in the same vein. One claimed an ex-player had told him our players no longer cry off injured as they don't want to lose their place in the team and confirmed the intensity of our training sessions.

My mind immediately went to Mousa Dembele, who used to always be having trouble with his hamstrings and, it was rumoured, would complain of every tiny niggle and miss games. That doesn't seem to happen now that Pochettino has challenged and changed his mental approach.

West Han is a club I have always quite liked, that is until I had dealings with them but I'm not going to get started on that again. The days of Trevor Brooking, that's a West Ham imprinted on me.

If you haven't read the article because it is from a West Ham website I'd suggest you pop over and take a gander, the comments too.

West Ham Till I..... I can't write the rest, Spurs Till I Die definitely.


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  1. read the wet spam comments bloody hell they are in a bad way they must have nightmares after every time spurs win they dont support west ham they suffer from it i think they need to see a shrink they are retards C.O.Y,S

  2. I was very interested to see how many of them are honest about things. A bit surprised actually. Good for them.

    Still happy to be Spurs Till I Die.




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