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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Spurs to listen to offers for N'Koudou


Well it seems another one of Mitchell's average players has failed. Georges-Kevin N'Koudou was bought from Marseille to replace Clinton N'jie who didn't impress and N'Koudou hasn't impressed either. The Sun have suggested the club will listen to offers for him this summer.

People might moan when I talk about mentality in sport being utterly vital, bit time and time again we are shown players who mentally simply don't have the will and the fight to turn themselves into world class talents.

I will repeat, having talent is simply not enough, you have to have it in the head as well otherwise you get a one-season player like Erik Lamela, who we now hear has been given the PR treatment. All sides agree a course of action, yeah right, there was a bloody row and Lamela was banished to train on his own!

To suggest Mauricio Pochettino never wanted to sign him is complete nonsense as he has to agree to all transfers and had control over transfers at the time he was bought. We have dismantled the way we conduct transfer because it wasn't working well enough. We are a business, we have a strategy and we have a budget which our transfers have to be conducted within, simply suggesting we spend anything on a player isn't an option. Michy Batshuayi hasn't exactly been a roaring success at Chelsea has he so £30 million for him was way over the top.

Daniel Levy intervened to renegotiate the fee (which hindsight shows to be correct) because N'Koudou wasn't allowed to train and keep fit with Marseille and therefore wouldn't be in tip top condition when we bought him. He didn't intervene to ensure we bought the player ahead of another player as forum-based Sports Witness seem to suggest.

Vincent Janssen, Moussa Sissoko, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou, hardly the players we need to make a sustained assault on the Premier League or any other trophy for that matter. Add to that list Kevin Wimmer who will want to leave in the summer as well, that will be over £50 million raised for the transfer kitty.

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  1. You are making every single excuse to attack Erik Lamela

  2. If ever you want to understand about sports psychology and how important the mental approach to any sport is, just look at some of our world beater in any sport and you will see that the mental approach to being a winner is a vital part of all success. Sir Clive Woodward recently stated that the present rugby team are creating a winning mentality. Tope athletes attribute their success at winning Olympic Gold medals to mental attitude, so do not deride just how import a part of a winning attitude it is.
    I love to watch special Flair players than can do thing no other players can, George Best, John White (Spurs) Rodney Marsh, Mat LeTissier to name a few, but unless they have the arrogance of a strong mental attitude they would never have been a success.
    I would have loved to have seen Lamela succeed but he is mentally week, even though he has upped his physical game, its off the field he has problems. and staying at Tottenham will unfortunate destroy his individual flair as its not suited to the way we play, however it might suit other premier teams that are looking for a figure head performer that the other 10 players will work for. We have a team of eleven on the field and seven on the subs bench that all play for each other and not just for one individual. That is just the sad truth about modern football if you want to succeed

  3. I thought Erik showed good mentality last season. I'll be sad to see him go if he does. He worked hard for the shirt as far as I could see. I hope you're wrong about him. I can't say that's too likely at this point however.

  4. This article says he's genuinely injured.

    It's confirmed here:

    He has Poch's support here:

    1. Hi Mr Teo.

      While I won't argue that these resources support the idea that the article may be wrong, you may want to bear in mind that it is not uncommon to see such articles about a player even when all parties have actually decided to part company.

      That's a long way from supporting the contention of this article, of course, but what clubs and players say for official publication are generally more designed to protect the value of their assets than they are to give the public full information.

      I'm not saying they're wrong, by any means. Just that you may need healthy portions of salt when reading them, and certainly before relying on them too heavily.


  5. So it seems that it isn't down to his 'weak mentality' as alleged... but a genuine and troublesome injury which I hope won't end his career.

  6. The only controversy that remains unanswered in this sorry tale is why the delay in reaching the decision to proceed with surgery.
    Was it the player or the medical team who decided to follow what has been a lengthy trial recuperation period?
    Or was it a tacit agreement by both parties?
    I cannot but imagine that the joint has worsened since the initial diagnosis…

    1. Probably trying to recover without surgery so that his season won't end prematurely... surely if one can recover without surgery it's worth a go...



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