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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dembele turns down 100K a week


While one newspaper cover reports from Sky reporter Gianluca Di Marzio in Italy, who doesn't have a great track record of Spurs deals coming to anything, another newspaper, The Sun, go with the story that Tottenham Hotspur are believed to have won the race to sign Celtic striker Moussa Dembele beating off competition from Premier league rivals Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham United plus French champions PSG.

He is a striker we tried to buy from Fulham last summer but he pulled out of the deal at the last minute and went to Celtic instead, where he has been a roaring success. In the long run, although he will cost more, his rejection of us and move to Celtic may have been a good thing as he now has a years extra experience under his belt in an atmosphere where success is a way of life. That environment of success is exactly what Mauricio Pochettino is trying to create at Spurs.

He has had to handle the expectation and the pressure to produce the goods and he hasn't let anyone down. That rather displays the right mental attitude and suggests he will be a greater success at Tottenham than players with a weaker mind like Erik Lamela.

According to Glasgow Live, Moussa Dembele has turned down an offer of £65k a week rising to 100k a week tabled by Chelsea as he wouldn't be first choice. That rather puts into question Tottenham winning his signature as obviously Harry Kane would be first choice and Dembele would alternate.

I see the Daily Express are running a story that Tottenham are confident of securing the signature of Moussa Dembele, is that the same confidence Manchester City have in signing Danny Rose?

Am I now right in thinking the Sun article has now been removed having served its purpose?

This is one where I'll believe it when I see it.

For an excellent article on him that looks at more than his goalscoring and compares him in parts with Harry Kane, read this Football Whispers article that headlines IMoussa Dembele - Good enough for Tottenham Hotspur?

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  1. He didn't pull out. We never tried to sign him in the summer. The deal failed during the previous winter transfer window (when we planned to buy and loan back for 6 months) as a result of a failed medical.

    Fact checking before writing articles is something of a basic requirement and to write articles without doing so perpetuates a culture of inaccurate and unreliable reporting which diminishes the perception of all news.

  2. I don't believe he failed a medical,I think Spurs didn't want to loan him back for six months as we wanted him to be cover for Kane and Fulham needed him to fight off relegation. If he failed a medical why would we want to make a massive investment in him now when big signings like Soldado,Lamela,Sissoko, Janssen did not work out.

  3. How can a player agree a deal outside of the transfer window and without contacting the player's club? Sounds like tapping up to me if it is true. Load of nonsense.



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