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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Trippier not going anywhere

Football Insider have tried to suggest Kieran Trippier might leave Spurs in the summer and offered three sides he might like to join.

Let's be clear they offer no evidence that the 26-year-old (27 in September) has any intention of leaving. He has had a child which prevented him from sleeping, thus making playing football at the top level difficult. Your concentration needs to be sharp in the Premier League and tiredness has a clear effect on that and thus performance.

He has played UEFA Champions League football which he wouldn't get at West Ham United, Newcastle United or Burnley, the three clubs the article suggests he could go to. Clearly the author doesn't believe wages are a factor for a player. Consider his earnings at Spurs and what he would earn at Burnley, they are in a different league. Would you take such a drastic wage cut? No, nor would he.

There is far more to being happy playing football than how many games you play. Without his child being born he would no doubt have played more, it was just that it affected him more than it affects others.

Every indication coming out of Spurs is that he is very happy, he hasn't once complained, which suggests he fully understands the situation and is comfortable with it, knowing long-term he has a future at a top football club.

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