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Monday, 16 January 2017

Tottenham delivering lessons


Rome wasn't built in a day, some supporters forgot that. It took Sir Alex Ferguson time to turn Manchester United around and supporters wanted him sacked, but look what he built. At Spurs we have Mauricio Pochettino trying to do the same thing with a club with less money.

We have to first build within our mean and then built the infastructure to increase our means, both as we know are happening. The fact that we are competing above our financial weight now is very encouraging for the future.

"To be together and every player happy and part of our Tottenham family, I think we have a very good atmosphere around the club, our supporters are amazing and I think this is a very good mix between the club, the supporters, the players, the staff. 
"I think it's amazing day by day how we feel, how we live on the training ground, that is important thing in the end, to try to win big things, to fight. It's an advantage for us. 
"Last season was the first time for 99 percent of the players fighting for big things like to win the Premier League and the important thing is that you are clever, we are showing that we are clever and we learn a lot and we are more mature but it is true like in life, every day you can improve and you can learn. 
"If you are open and your mind is open, that is a good thing and we are showing this season that we are more mature, we compete better, and we missed that maybe a little bit last season. I am the same, maybe a little bit fatter than last season. 
"I think we are in completely different period and completely different momentum and last season was last season. 
"It's true now is a coincidence and maybe we play City like last season but we will be different, it will be tough, but every game, every season is completely different and today was a good example because always in the last season or the season before it was difficult for us to break West Bromwich, it was a nightmare game for us and today look how it was. 
"It is important to learn and to know, too, every game is important and difficult and if you are ready and focused like today, you can compete. 
"We are showing after 21 games that we can compete and we are in a very good position. It is true that the gap with Chelsea is still big but there is a lot of games ahead until the end of the season."

That vision of a young team, learning a system, staying together through a bond and improving as a unit to compete with the top clubs is being built. 

I was ridiculed by some for suggesting this was the way forward after we played Basel, for suggesting we had to mentally change at Spurs, for suggesting we had to have open minds and stay positive, for suggesting we need to make tiny improvements to all aspects of the club, for suggesting Spurs TV's interaction with fans needed a major overhaul.

You can not just look at life on a day-to-day basis, you'll never get anywhere. You have to have a vision of where you want to get to and devise a way of getting there, that must then be implemented, adjusted, but stuck with along the way. If you don't try to achieve anything in life you'll plod along and stay in the relative same position you are.

Spurs are showing fans the way. There are many lessons the club showing, if you want to learn from them they are all there for you to make an even greater success of your life.

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  1. I remember noticing how similar was the approach of MP to that which you'd been advocating for years. Less than three years after his arrival, and the change of team at the helm, it's very easy to look back and notice how much the change of approach has improved things at Spurs. Right across the board.



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