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Monday, 2 January 2017

Time for a new long-term contract for Pochettino

Gary Neville is one of the top pundits on TV. He doesn't give it the biased flannel that others do and tells it like it is. It is good to hear the views of someone who isn't a Tottenham fan, is used to winning trophies and preparing to play against us. 

He has been positive about us since he saw the work Mauricio Pochettino has started at Spurs and I'd agree with him that Mauricio Pochettino should be tied down to a long-term contract and given the security to continue to build the club long-term, although he probably knows he has that anyway.

"I like Tottenham a lot. I like Mauricio Pochettino a lot. I think they overachieve, in terms of the budget they have. They spend of course, but not to the level of Manchester United or City. 
"I've liked what they've done in the past few years, it looks controlled there, and they need to give that manager a long-term contract and pin him down. They look well coached. You look at those players and you think you'd like to have those players. 
"They're young, hungry, energetic, they'll do what you want, there's not egos in there. I think that Pochettino seems to assemble those types of teams where they are. I think he's done a great job, he's one of my favourite coaches. 
"The little dip they had earlier in the season is normal if you've got a young team going into the Champions League for the first time."

It's not easy for some fans to be patient when they have been waiting for improvement for so long, but it should be viewed that Mauricio Pochettino has only been here since 2014 and thus that is the start of building, at least o the playing side. 

A new training facility helps of course. The infrastructure of success is being put in place and the team being built while that takes place. Every fan knows the stadium and club income is an important factor in sustained success. One trophy is no good if we are not building, the first of many trophies is a different matter and that is what we are aiming for.

In the year of the Rooster, yes we hope a trophy will come, either an FA Cup or the UEFA Europa League will do together with qualification through the Premier League for the UEFA Champions League.

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