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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Spurs to challenge in the second half of the season


The knee jerk brigade didn't see it but the rest of us did, injuries were disrupting or season, we simply were not able to put out our best team for the first half of the season. We had to rely on the squad and they have kept us in the hunt while now we can kick on.

It is quite possible that we will be underestimated by many who will look at the first half of the season and assume we will play to the same level in the second half. We won't, we will improve with our players back and fit, all bar Erik Lamela who is still out.

Mauricio Pochettino shares that view and believes we will be stronger now.

“If you go back, what happened after Man City, or just before, [is that] we had many problems in the same period. Some injuries — Toby [Alderweireld], Harry Kane, Dany Rose, Mousa Dembele. 
“In a very key period for us in the Champions League and Premier League, we were in a position where it was difficult to cope with that pressure. 
“We missed, in that rotation, keeping the level and the energy because some players were out. That was very bad luck that in that period we struggled a little bit to cope with different games and different competitions. 
“It was a very busy period if you remember.”



  1. I would like to point out, Poch, that it’s always going to be a busy period if we continue to qualify for either of the two European competitions and, let’s face it, we haven’t exactly come to terms with our so-called ‘weaker European counterparts’ have we?
    Maybe that’s because the ‘intensity and belief’ hasn’t entirely found it’s way into our ’supporting cast’.
    So tomorrow please start Janssen et al (those of first team squad who have not appeared on a regular basis) so hopefully we can appreciate the qualities of the rest of our squad.

  2. I expect that's the plan. It would certainly be consistent with his earlier decisions - and also makes good sense as you say.




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