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Sunday, 8 January 2017

No Lallana transfer drama



I have never believed any of the stories linking us with Adam Lallana, his profile doesn't fit our transfer strategy. He is 28 and will be 29 in May, before next season, age wise he simply doesn't fit.

He isn't going to increase in value and it is debatable how many seasons he will have at the top of his game as he enters his 30's. There are plenty of other players around.

Liverpool are reported to be offering to double his wages to fend off our interest, but again clubs offer players new contracts naturally, they don't just respond to interest from another club as journalists like to paint it. Their job is to create a story where none exists and this is an easy one to conjure up.

We will see plenty of speculation and then he'll sign a new contract and he won't join Spurs. We all know that is what is happening, regardless of what picture journalists want to paint. There doesn't always have to be a drama when a player is being offered a new contract.


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