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Friday, 27 January 2017

Is Mourinho's pursuit of Alli the reason for the Levy's Jorge Mendes ban?

Is Mendes working for Mourinho to unsettle Dele Alli?

I reported a piece of ITK from a Tottenham forum about Daniel Levy's edict that we will no longer deal with super agent Jorge Mendes. Clearly he has upset the hierarchy of the club which leads you to wonder how.

Jose Mourinho is a client of Jorge Mendes and there have been constant stories in the press speculating on Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Manchester United. One assumes that a call has been made to Daniel Levy about the availability of the pair and an emphatic they are not for sale at any price answer given. That all seems fairly obvious, standard practice, happens all the time at every club.

However, that doesn't appear to have been the end of it does it. Yesterday we had the story from an agent who is said to have worked with Jorge Mendes before spreading a story about Dele Alli being available for £100 million, which undoubtedly isn't true. If a player is not for sale you don't put a price on his head, they come from reporters inventions and stories spread by agents, buying clubs to the media.

We have seen the unsettling tactics before, Gareth Bale and Luka Modric spring to mind in recent years. We seem to be having the same constant flow from sources that allow Mendes client, Jose Mourinho, to keep his distance and look as if he isn't involved. Collusion between the pair seems logical in relation to the stories, especially when you have unassociated agents, who just happen to have worked with Mendes before, dispensing a story they should have no connection with.

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  1. Whatever the reason this is normal play from MANU…the previous manager (for whom I have very little respect) got away with this type of s*** for years and, now, to cap it all the incumbent appears to be of the opinion that penalties don’t count!
    Tell that one to the previous manager!!!
    p.s. MANUs conversion rate (goals/Shots on target) places them second from bottom of the EPL, a place they richly deserve….
    What goes around comes around & they’re still paying ‘Pork Pie’ in the region of £300k a week…you gotta laugh…

  2. Manchester United doesn't look like a happy ship, hence all that retail therapy that never seems to succeed in cheering up anyone there for long before the earlier dissatisfaction with life re-surfaces.

  3. I'm pretty sure Levy would rather stick needles in his eyes than sell anyone to Manu. The Bale saga is proof of that when United offered more for him and Levy just laughed. No, United won't get any of our inform players, not that any of them would want to join a club in decline and leave one on the up and up.



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