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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Friedel steps in to help negotiate Bruma transfer



When negotiating a transfer you value a player and then try to get him cheaper, while the other club state a high price and try to get a deal as close to that as possible. All clubs do it, despite the anti-Levy few believing it is a Daniel Levy thing. Just another way they distort facts to justify a position that, isn't really justifiable.

In addition, you will use every asset you can to assist in negotiations and if you happen o have a former player of the selling club hen why not use that goodwill to help negotiations.

Brad Friedel is a US Tottenham Hotspur Ambassador and works with the United States Under-19 team as a coach. He spent a year at Galatasaray before joining Tottenham ad Daniel Levy has asked him to have a hand in negotiations to see if he can help the two sides reach a deal.

Reports in Turkey suggest we have offered, or are willing to offer £17.13 million (€20 - AUS$28.90m - US$21.07m) while Galatasaray want £34.27 million (€20 - AUS$57.80m - US$42.13m). The player wants to join and has made hat clear, but Galatasaray want him to stay so Friedel will have to try and convince them to let him go.


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