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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Carroll fee £5m +add-ons?


£8m for Carroll would be a good bit of business

WellI wrote a couple of days ago that Tom Carroll was on the verge of leaving Tottenham for Swansea City and now the Telegraph are running a similar story. Spurs are said to want £10 million, Swansea City have offered £5 million so the Telegraph have suggested an £8 million deal.

As with these deal,s it is how it is reported. From what I have heard a deal will be struck at £5 million plus £3 million of add-ons, some easily obtainable and some that hinge on staying in the Premier League. So the actual fee, like so many, will not be known to the general public as we never know what the add-on clauses are.

Swansea City are not the only side interested in him but everyone is put off by his price tag at the moment, which does seem a little excessive, however, he is home grown and thus carries a premium price. Eric Dier cost half what it looks like we might get for Carroll, I know which is better value.



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