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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Bring on Man City


The Manchester City result reverses the tables from when we last played them at White Hart Lane. In that game we really needed a victory or we would have lost touch with the top of the table. We turned in a magnificent performance and played them off the park.

Now the show is on the other foot. Manchester City are three points behind us with a goal difference of 15, we have a goal difference of 29. A victory for them would still keep them below us, a defeat and there is a six point gap.

It is a big game for both teams and we usually play well against them, fortunately we have a week to prepare for the game so can work on our tactics. Once again it is a challenge, a big game, the sort of game you play football to play in. Once again we must rise to the challenge and not shrink from it or be afraid.

We have shown we can beat them, we have shown we can beat the best in the league.


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