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Monday, 12 December 2016

More evidence we need a replacement for Eriksen


Tottenham fans have been saying it for a while now, we are in desperate need of an attacking midfielder who can create in tight situations. When we can pull teams apart we are fine, but when a team has solidity and numbers back we struggle every time to create a goal scoring chance.

Christian Eriksen has once again turned it on against poor teams, but against stronger opposition, nothing. Gary Neville described Spurs as negative during the Sky Sports commentary, we were not creating anything in the last third again, we had the possession, but yet again did nothing with it. Clearly this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

We miss Erik Lamela on one wing and Christian Eriksen isn't doing it enough on the other. When was the last time he scored from a free kick? And has for his shot when he had all the time in the world, he puts it straight down the middle at the goalkeeper, a pathetic attempt.

Phil Neville was on Sunday’s Match of the Day 2 as a pundit and he too felt there was a lack of creativity about Spurs.

“My one concern about Spurs, particularly when they play the big games. Is have they got that player? That special player who can beat a man one vs one, that can win a game on his own. A Coutinho, a Payet. Somebody like that with the individual talent. That’s my main worry for Spurs. They’ve got a good set of players, a brilliant coach, but they lack that special player.”

A Christmas wish is that quality creative player we so badly miss. Against SCKA Eriksen was chipping the ball over the top, why do we not see any of those in the Premier League? He is a good player, but he isn't special and this season he just doesn't appear to be the player he can be, which takes me back to the rumours when he signed his new contract that a few people within the club felt he wouldn't be here in a year.

If you want to leave then your heart isn't in what Pochettino wants to achieve. You'll give it your best, but there is always that element missing and that is what makes the difference. January is the wrong time of year to buy, clubs don't want to sell influential players mid-season, but we need someone.



  1. When will you Spurs fans be happy about the players you already have within your club? You threw away Gylfi few years ago. Now you are not satisfied with the Dane, and want Gylfi back. My advice, stay behind your players, and get the best about their skills. Do not tear down your team as you did with your national team last summer. That was a shame. Sure Iceland did very well in that game, and was the better team. England boys was under too much pressure from their own countryman, and did not handle it. COYS all the time.

    1. You should always be wanting to improve your players and Gylfi was just PR talk, most of us don't want him back, he didn't work here played from a wider position.



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