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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

It's not so bad after all


The knee-jerk doom and gloom merchants have had their say yet now we are within a point of Arsenal
league position and just a win away from overtaking Manchester City on goal difference.

Our clueless gutter press were fawning over Manchester City early season, but as I pointed out before they played us, they had had the easiest start to the season of any top club and we were the first they had played.

Reality has set in since then and going the season unbeaten, as these journalists were speculating, was pure fantasy. Tottenham had the toughest start to the season of anyone and now we see things evening out as the other top clubs play each other.

It is an emotional game but people do so overreact from one week to the next, it is a seaon, where you are at the end of the season is all that matters, there will always be ups and downs along the way, we have to accept that.

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  1. Although your observations are fair comment there still remains an issue that has carried over from last season (3rd worst conversion rate Goals scored/SoT).
    This article from FourFourTwo highlights our continued lack of progress (in this respect) so far this season:
    Whilst I’m not that interested in comparisons with other teams our own data does not make encouraging reading.
    This one factor alone is,I believe, behind our failure to beat the teams above us and move to next level.
    So when I hear the comment ‘we need to more be clinical’ from players and playing staff I wonder what on earth is happening on the training ground.
    p.s. great new layout...much more user friendly.

    1. There are still issues, there always will be and clinical finishing is something I continually write about. We are very poor one-on-one especially.

      Thanks yes, it has taken a while and there are still a few bugs to iron out. Thanks for your regular reading of my articles.

  2. Why are you comparing us to Arse? If we were in the bottom 3 and 1 point behind them, you'd be happy! We are 10pts off top, that's what I care about. I've had enough of failier after failier each season, it's not being a doom and gloom merchant, it's wanting to win the league. We are not good enough by a long shot, until we are, people will be unhappy. Deal with it!

    1. That isn't what I have said at all and I haven't compared us with Arsenal, merely pointed out we are one place of fourth which happens to be occupied by a team that were being touted as potential champions just a few weeks ago. We are in a building phase, deal with it!



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