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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Man City reaction

The media were building Manchester City up into something they were not simply because they had Pep Gurdiola in charge.

They had had, as I wrote before the game, the easiest beginning to a season of any club in the Premier League, five of the first six fixtures were against sides who were in the bottom six before this weekend.

Sunderland (20th), Stoke City (19th), West Ham United (18th), Manchester United (6th), Bournemouth (13th), Swansea City (17th) and Tottenham Hotspur (2nd) isn't exactly tough. Position totals 95

Everton (5th), Crystal Palace (8th), Liverpool (4th), Stoke City (19th), Sunderland (20th), Middlesbrough (16th) and Manchester City (1st). There are three teams there expected to be in the top eight. Position totals 73

Argentinian Pab;lo Zabaletta felt the game was a wake-up call for Manchester City.

“It's a wake-up call for who we are and where we are. When you play well and win all the games, people talk too much, and maybe now we can see, and they can see, that we are not invincible. 
“We are human and cannot play well every game. There are always teams that can play better than you, and that happened today."

PepGuardiola said his side were at the beginning of a process and people couldn't expect them to be the finished article in September. It is something the press forget though.

“It’s part of our job - We changed many, many things in the beginning and it’s all part of the process, we can’t always win all of the games so sometimes it can help us to improve. 
“I’m here to do our job and to get better we need to process and analyse what we are doing well and not well. It’s the end of September so you cannot imagine that our team is already done. 
“They have done an amazing performance until now. Still, we are not perfect but the team are fighting until the end and that is the most important thing.”

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