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Friday, 14 October 2016

Is Kyle Walker the best right-back in the Premier League right now?

Is Kyle Walker the best right-back in the Premier League right now?

Kyle Walker is arguably the best right-back in the Premier League right now. He is part of the meanest defence at the moment and has taken his game to new levels under Mauricio Pochettino, not just back to old levels.

Gary Neville said of him that he couldn't be trusted 2/3 years ago when he came to England squads, by which he meant mentally and physically you didn't know what you were going to get. He had not yet learnt the mental side of the game, which was rather an obvious problem at Spurs for years.

Now Mauricio Pochettino has taught him how to think about the game, his motivation to improve appears to have gone through the roof. He has been our best player this season and was producing the goods week-in-week-out before Son Heung-,min started stealing the headlines.

His performance against Manchester City was another excellent display, his passing and confidence on the ball were at a level we have not seen and defensively he was quicker to close down his man than in previous seasons. He still closes down in the same way, yet commentators were trying to tell us that he was out of position all the time, he wasn't, he just wasn't switched on as he should be and wasn't playing the game at the pace that he should have been.

That is all down to his approach, his motivation hadn't been tapped into enough by average managers. The difference Pochettino has instilled in players demonstrates the difference in quality of some managers to others.

The table below shows he is climbing the list of the most capped Spurs players for England and has winger Darren Anderton in his sights. being first choice he should surpass that mark with ease if he stays injury free. England now see a different player, one they can rely on.


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