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Monday, 19 September 2016

Video: Samuel Shashoua in match action


In the last article we looked at England Under-17 youth international Samuel Shashoua showing some close control ball skills for the camera so next up is a look at the 17-year-old (18 next May) Tottenham attacking midfield starlet in action.

It's a brief video but he seems to glide past players with ease and is composed when finishing. Obviously, he has a way to go yet and will play football where there are more tackles,rather than simply letting him run and do when he wants.

The skill is there, it is now a question of how he develops and whether he hits a barrier or gets distracted. So many things can go wrong in the development of a player or wrong decisions can be made by the player, as appears to be the case with Tom Carroll.

I'm convinced he should have agreed to a loan move to Ajax when Christian Eriksen joined us and perhaps his game would have developed more than it has. He has struck a plateau. His skill suggests he should be a better player than he is.


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