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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sam Allardyce facing the sack


Regular readers will know he is a guy I did not want as England boss and it appears as though he may not have the job much longer if allegations prove to be true.

Sam Allatdyce has spent his managerial career coaching route one football and failed at the biggest club he went to Newcastle United, the 7th richest club in the country and 17th richest in the world. It is a different kettle of fish managing top players than managing players at smaller clubs, the egos are bigger. Some managers can't handle it.

Big Sam is said to have abused his position as England manager to help businessmen get around FA transfer rules. The FA have confirmed they are investigating the England boss.

“We have asked the Daily Telegraph to provide us with the full facts in relation to this matter and are awaiting their response.”

He was caught on camera advising how to get around FA rules on Third Part ownership much like West Ham United did with Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. They effectively cheated the system and got away with it virtually scott free at the expense of Sheffield United who have never recovered.

Allardyce negotiated a £400,000 fee to advise how to get around FA rules, even though he works for the FA. That should make his position untenable and the job he has coveted should now be taken away from him. Money is more important the the England job it seems, if true the man is a disgrace to the country.

The full story is in the Telegraph, click the link above and determine for yourself if this is the guy is stabbing his employers in the back.

The Telegraph investigation they say will reveal:
  • The assistant manager of a high-profile football club accepted a £5,000 cash “bung”
  • Ten managers were named by players’ agents as taking bribes to fix player transfers
  • Two well-known managers discussed becoming ambassadors for the same fictitious firm as Sam Allardyce
  • Another high-profile manager admitted his players broke FA rules by betting on their own games but he failed to report it
  • A senior figure at a Premier League club helped undercover reporters to formulate a plan to bribe managers
Should be revealing reads, a newspaper well worth following in the short-term i would say.


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