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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

West Ham following Spurs footsteps


A spot of reality when Slaven Bilic was talking to the press about being unable to sign players like Michy Batshuayi. West Ham have been linked with and tried to sign a host of top players, none of whom have agreed to join them.

It is a scenario we at Spurs have had to endure for 10 years, we have experienced what is happening to them in the transfer marker again and again. It isn't just about money for players as some fans seem to think and as Bilic has found out this summer.

“I don’t want to talk stories now about things that didn’t happen now. 
“I said it openly, we tried to get at the beginning one of the top strikers of the moment and they opted for a bigger club and also better money of course, but at the end we bought what we wanted to, I’m happy. 
“I said a few weeks ago to the chairman and [chief scout] Tony Henry that if we want to go big game fishing there are two conditions for us to compete with the big clubs – if we go early or if we put more money in. 
“Then we might have had a chance, on paper, with those great ones. But we didn’t do that. Then it is almost impossible to get the player.”

Players want UEFA Champions League football. If a club can't offer it then any quality player is just going to wait for offers from those clubs. He'll talk to clubs, but he won't sign for them, he'll even agree to join in principle if a better offer doesn't come in. We have experienced that too.

Only when he knows he is not going to get such a move does he then accept an offer from a club who ca provide UEFA Europa League football or just Premier League football in that order. We have seen it time and time again at Tottenham and West Han have been experiencing it this summer.

It happens every window, I fail to see why some fans think their club is a 'pull' simply because they have conned they have stitched up the taxpayer to get a new stadium.

Simply because we have UEFA Champions League football does not suddenly make us a huge attraction either, a greater attraction yes, but a player signs a contract for 4 or 5 years and wants to know he'll likely get Champions league football for the duration. he can go to Germany, Italy or Spain where that is easier to achieve, especially if he has third party owners.

Not only do we need to get out of the group stages of the competition this year to place the club in the consciousness as a bigger club, but we need to finish in the top 4 again and retain our status as a Champions League club. The more we do that the greater pull we will become.


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