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Saturday, 13 August 2016

The reality Mitchell perhaps didn't grasp

Mauricio Pochettino wasn't disappointed or disillusioned with the club, just disappointed with Paul Mitchell's decision to depart we all believe for Leicester City when he has worked his notice until an agreed date. People move in business and football all the time. The system is in place, the scouting network is in place, we just need a new analyst and initial deal broker who also scouts.

It is claimed that Mitchell grew disillusioned because Sours didn't agree a deal for Michy Batshuayi, who Chelsea stumped up the money for to help Marseille out. We didn't value him to that level.

Paying Bayshuayi the £125,000-a-week that Chelsea are paying him is, in our wage structure, in effect agreeing to a £300,000-a-week increase in wages.

If you bring in a second choice striker on those wages, then other players will want parity. It wouldn't surprise me if Hugo Lloris had a clause in his contract that he has to have parity with our top earner. Harry Kane, Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen, Mousa Dembele would all be knocking on the door for a wage increase.

In fact the whole squad would be saying you have increased the wage band so we want a new deal. It could have ended up costing Spurs a lot more than £300,000-a-week, which is £15.6-million on the wage bill annually, plus all the extras that come with employment, which could account for a 60% increase (£9.36-million) in that figure taking it to a whopping £24.96-million. And all because you agreed to a £125,000-a-week contract.

The final straw being the rearrangement to a more sensible figure the deal for unheard of Frenchman Georges-Kevin N'Koudou. We may never know who negotiated that first deal, the fact that Mitchell and Mackenzie left looks rather significant. The deal was too generous to Marseille to be a Levy deal, he was trying to drive down the price of Batshuayi but quite happy to splash the cash on a one season winger, when he isn't with any other young winger.



  1. Speculations, as it often is from this writer. Besides this, please don't ever again call our beloved club "Sours"?

  2. Speculations, as it often is from this writer. Besides this, please don't ever again call our beloved club "Sours"?

  3. You're an idiot. You think you know more than someone who has spent his life working in Football? Whatever Mitchell's issue is, I guarantee he knows better than you.

  4. The author of this blog makes an extremely valid point. We are not likely to agree that type of deal for anything other than a player expected to walk into the 1st team. Even then, the financial ramifications, as the author has quite well outlined, would be massive. I suspect the estimated £300,000 increase in wages throughout the squad resulting from any such deal, while pure guesswork, may be pretty close to the mark. This is how football works these days... I dare say that with so many players' contracts moving into their final 24 months, we should brace ourselves for some very disappointing departures coming up over the next 12 months or so. It's either that, or we will finally have to start matching the enormous wage-bills of our competitors, because the players and their agents know exactly what they'd be getting elsewhere and the money is huge in this league now. Levy's done an unbelievable job of keeping the club's books balanced over the years, but times are changing and I suspect our wage structure will have to do likewise very soon!

  5. @CdM.
    Please read the comments above for why this blogger makes such mistakes. With failing eyes it's hard to keep the quality of the text up.
    Also, if you mean by speculation that it's mainly guesswork then may I suggest you read the blog again. The reasons for all the opinions offered are laid out for you in the piece. You may disagree with his conclusions, but to claim they're unsupported is totally insupportable.

    That one might backfire on you. Clive's also been in football all his life, and that's probably a decade or two longer than Mitchell's. That said, I've never heard him say anything other than that Mitchell's very good at what he does. That he possibly doesn't appreciate the ramifications of bringing in a second choice striker on such high wages at a club in the big-time doesn't speak to his understanding of football and shouldn't be read as such. OTOH he does say that he doesn't believe the Batshuayi situation had anything to do with Mitchell's resignation. He sees Mitchell as far too intelligent for that to be the issue.

    Well said. Many of the ramifications of such decisions are lost on most supporters (I don't claim to understand much of it myself).

  6. Phischy - the point you are missing is that the ramifications I discuss are business skills not football skills, playing , scouting has no bearing on the financial business side and the assumption that playing and scouting means you have business skills is erroneous.



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