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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Portuguese press still think we want a striker!


Is he kissing himself or the shirt?

The idiotic Portuguese press think Tottenham are chasing 28-year-old (29 next June) Sporting striker Islam Slimani. O Jogo are the clowns this time, are they not aware we have just bought a striker, a certain Vincent Janssen and are not looking for a third string at the moment, unless they are a youngster?

Arsenal may well be looking for a striker, they seem to be offering Olivier Giroud to anyone who will listen, unfortunately for them nobody wants him. Jamie Vardy is staying at Leicester City and they were looking at strikers who could possibly replace him.

Crazily they have thrown Juventus name into their story. From Alvaro Morata to Islam Slimani, I don't think so, they are at a different level in the market. Slimani is playing in a second tier league, unproven in any major league in Europe. Southampton, Liverpool, Napoli, it seems they have just plucked teams who might need a striker and suggested they are chasing the Algerian. Watching and wanting to buy are two different things.

We have another player vs club situation, where a player wants to further his career before it is too late and a club who don't want him too. He has a 30m release clause and that is what Sporting are demanding, clubs don't think he is worth it. So with offers he finds acceptable we have the situation where a player is refusing to train, at lest that is the interpretation the press are putting on it.

Clubs mislead all the time, the number of players who are supposedly injured but are in fact negotiating a transfer seems to increase as the summer goes on. He apparently asked to talk to his manager about a transfer after training in the morning. The manager refused to talk so he didn't train in the afternoon.

I don't know why players saddle themselves with high buyout clauses, will they never learn.



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