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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

New stadium video will help understanding of still pictures


With the new stadium taking shape there are plenty of things to see as the build goes along. It helps to have something to refer to for us non-construction folk. There are various firms out there promoting their skills with graphical projections of how things may look, we looked at a few in a previous post today.

This unofficial video will help yu understand the building process and by stopping it you may be able to relate still pictures to a specific element of a phase of the construction. It may be an idea to bookmark this article and refer back to it when you see or I bring you new pictures and graphics.

The video takes you through the build. You may want to stop each section and have a good look before starting again and moving on to the next element as it is only 2.4o minutes long with old commentary and quiet Tottenham music as you watch the stadium grow.


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