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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New Stadium pictures, seating, models


Daniel Levy brought in audio/acoustic specialists, to help with the design of the stadium in terms of sound "bounces" around the stadium. Thus the noise generated will be maximised and help to create an atmosphere in the stadium that is missing on other new stadiums builds like the Emirates and the Olympic Stadium.

You can see that unless you have a corner flag seat you don't have a view at West Ham with one side being a vast 31m from the pitch. Compare that ti Spurs where seating will be 4.93m or 7.97m. No comparison is there.

At the new Spurs stadium you'll be able to watch a football game and at West Ham you'll be able to watch ants running around.

The comparison below shows Wembley Stadium in red compared with our new stadium. We sold 51,000 packages when they were put up for sale with the remainder being held back until our opponents were known and can then be sold on an individual basis.

Height wise we thank a poster over at Skyscraper City who has used a model off Google someone posted. No reason to think it isn't correct. I have to say I like shots like this that help me easily see what is being built.


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