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Monday, 8 August 2016

Lamela misrepresented

Lamela misrepresented

Plenty of websites are reporting that Erik Lamela was close to a return to Italy, but that wasn't the case and isn't what he actually said.

He said he was 'close' to Italy, not close to a return to Italy. The two have different meanings. The former is simply that something is in your heart, that you feel you have a bond. It seems though that some are inserting the 'to a return' into the quotes.

he arrived and didn't settle, his head was certainly still i Italy. He had to toughen up, he had to adjust to a new language, a new culture, a new league, a new style of playing and he had to change his mental approach because it wasn't one that would see him succeed.

Pochettino has worked wonders with him mentally and now he has the confidence of a quality player, which in turn helps him to become a better player.When you are happy it boosts your motivation and that boots what you do in training which boosts what you do in games. While a player can get stuck in a downward spiral when lacking confidence, so he can be in an upward spiral when his head and motivation are right.


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