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Friday, 15 July 2016

What former coaches say about Janssen

Welcome to WHL Janseen. COYS

They continue to talk about mentality at the Tour de France and Chris Froome is demonstrating that he is strong in that department, taking opportunities when they arise while his rivals have thus far lacked any ideas and simply followed.

Vincent Janssen looks as if he has the same mentality, you do what it takes and you take your opportunities. he felt at Feyenoord he wasn't given the space to improve and when released rejected Eredevisie offers to drop a league so he could play every week and develop his game.

His coach at Feyenoord, Gaston Taument, has since told Voetbal International that he holds great admiration for Janssen now.

“There has not been a day that Janssen has not used optimally. That shows his character: he is a fighter, a hardy spirit. It is too easy for me to now say Feyenoord made a mistake in letting Vincent go, but I look at it positively: I think it’s incredible that Vincent fought in the second tier and bounced back.”

Almere City approached him and he asked for time to think about the move. He went on holiday and bumped into their coach. As we know now Janssen joined them and prospered, which was part of the new strategy for the advancement of his career.

“I was willing to invest. I had to deal with so much crap at Feyenoord, so I wanted a club where I could develop myself in peace, where I got confidence from people, and could raise myself. My goal was to make a step-up to the first division after two years.”

Janssen analysed striker like Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who also dropped down into division two before his career took off. He studied how certain players arrived in the box, what they did when they lost the ball, when they didn't have the ball, how they arrived to head a ball and he would then practice putting it into practice on the Almere City training ground with the coach.

Janssen was attracting scouts and spoke to several clubs before he chose AZ Alkmaar, whose coach,  John van de Brom, was calling him regularly to join the club. He outlines what Spurs are getting.

”Every coach likes a Janssen-type player. He puts an incredible amount of energy into every game, is a real team player, two-footed, and scores. And perhaps most importantly, he always has both feet on the ground.”

Janssen made his full international debut against England at Wembley and it was then that he decided he wanted to be playing against that standard of player every week.

“On the one hand, I do not know where my ceiling is, but I know where I’m going for. And that is the absolute top. I take no pleasure in anything less than that. I mean, when you’re at Wembley and you score for the Dutch team, you are playing at the very top. That game, that experience has done a lot to me. At that moment, I realized: now, this is somewhere. I’m somewhere. Playing your debut for the Oranje is a milestone. You have reached a certain point in your career. Then, I thought immediately: I would like to play well, against such opponents every week. In such matches I can develop myself even more.”

His scoring record speaks for itself and that fact that he is a bonus in the dressing room, that he does everything with a smile, that fact that he has the determination to continually improve suggests we have made a shrewd purchase.


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