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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Spurs not interested in Icardi?


All and sundry and copying each other to shout about a massive imminent bid for Argentinian striker Mauro Icardi, but it all looks complete rubbish.

Firstly the story comes from Italy, who are worse than our press and that is saying something. The there is Harry Kane, who Vincent Janssen has been told will be our number one striker who he will have to battle for a starting place, although he will get cup games and appearances when Kane needs a rest.

Now whether Janssen joins or not, and it looks likely he will, Mauro Icardi isn't going to be interested in coming to Tottenham to play second fiddle to Kane and Mauricio Pochettino isn't going to spend £38-million on a backup striker.

Then there is the fact he unsettles a dressing room, he has done at Inter where he has had rows with teammates and married a players former wife. Mauricio Pochettino wants and maintains a harmonious dressing room, he has talked about not upsetting that and bringing in players who would gel with it. Any most levels this guy doesn't fit.

We have gone from the unreliable Gianluca di Marzio suggesting Spurs might make a bid, which basically means he has no idea whether Spurs are or not to the British press interpreting that as a bid is imminent and a bid has been made, when almost certainly he hasn't. There has been no evidence produces to show anything in these stories, just plenty of guesswork, my guesswork is it's complete rubbish.

There have been reports that Inter need to sell players, but included in those reports is that while they could, they do not want to lose their captain and striker Mauro Icardi, also that he doesn't want to leave. The non-story will run for a bit and then either disappear or it will be finished with a statement that Icardi has turned Spurs down. It's all good PR for the Inter fans, a common media trick with club backing, off the record.

Icardi is currently saying how good for Inter the new investors are and how he'll help them bring back the good times, really sounds like someone wanting to leave!

Oresumably these links have come about because Spurs constantly scout players and because both Pochettino and Icardi are Argentinian, you'll not how many Argentinian's we have been linked with so far. Tottenham have a name the press can use, whether there is any logic in a story or not. For me this story has as much credibility as the German left-back rubbish. I even saw one website suggest Ben Davies would be moved the centre-back to accommodate him. A daft story considering Davies is left footed and we have two left sided centre-backs already, you need a right-footer to cover Alderweireld.

I find it amazing the number of fans who simply lap up whatever the press tell them as if it must be gospel, it isn't, they make up stories all the time. A family member of mine worked in the press so I'm well aware of how they operate.

I could be wrong but it has all the hallmarks of being an invented story for the gullible.


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