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Friday, 15 July 2016

Kluivert, Messi, Infantino


Former Dutch international Patrick Kluivert has become the new football director at PSG to 'overview' the French champions' new coach Unai Emery.

"I am extremely honoured to join such a great Club as Paris Saint-Germain and to take on the role of Director of Football. I will conduct my mission with great ambition and rigour. We are all in Paris to reach the very high objectives set by the club and meet the expectations of the players and supporters alike."

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi used front-companies in Belize and Uruguay to hide his image rights income from the tax man and was given a suspended 21-month jail term. Barcelona have been condemned for running a social media campaign in support of a tax felon. They posted a statement to try and justify themselves by citing other cases that are rather different from the Messi fiddle.

The statement tries to justify the clubs approach by suggesting Iker Casillas, David Villa, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué and numerous others weren't prosecuted, however they all declared their image right to the Spanish tax authorities, Messi tried to hide his.

A further demonstration of why nobody trusts companies or people in power. It was only yesterday that a former MP who campaigned against online bullying, launched a foul mouthed abuse at an individual showing her previous campaign was not because she believed in it, but that it was self promotion.

The new president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, is being investigated for violating the organisation’s code of ethics. He has hardly been in the job 5 minutes and was the wrong appointment, but then you can't expect an organisation rotten to the core to do what needs to be done to clean up their act. 

You have rotten people voting in other rotten people. Years back the English stood up and made a stand against FIFA corruption which fellow FIFA members brushed under the carpet, they told the English representative to shut up and stop making waves. When you have people like that in an organisation where representatives seem to expect back-handers as part of the job, how are you going to gain any credibility?


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