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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Alario confusion de-mystified


Confusion over Alario

I think it is best to say there is some confusion surrounding the ownership of Lucas Alario. I see some are wondering about work permit issues, there aren't any. As reported at the beginning of this story on Friday, he holds dual nationality. Like so many South American footballers he holds an Italian passport, thus he can move freely within the EU.

There also seems to be some issue over who owns 40% of him, with River Plate owning 60%. Some have assumed it is his old club that the money goes to, but from what I understand that is not strictly the case.

Jonathan Calleri, you'll remember, was loaned to Sao Paulo from a Uruguayan second division side who he has never been anywhere near. They are used by an investment form and Alario's former club, Club Atlético Colón, commonly known as Colón de Santa Fe, also have links to an investment company. It is they who hold 40% of the players registration and economic rights. From what I can grasp River Plate have the option to buy a further 30% of the player for £950,000, leaving just 10% with the investment form.

Tottenham could negotiate with River Plate to activate that, then buy the remaining 10% or they could try and negotiate for the 40% directly. No doubt both options are being explored, the investment firm will want to maximise their income as they would be losing an asset, as opposed to transferring him to Italy, Spain or Portugal where they could retain and interest and cash in on a future move.

While FIFA had announced the practice of third party ownership would be banned from May 2015, it can't be backdated, thus any player with an existing agreement is still subject to third party ownership and their input as to where he plays, even though that is officially illegal. You would have expected investment firms to have signed up players in advance of the ruling becoming practice, thus protecting future income as far as possible.

Liverpool, Inter Milan, Benfica and Ajax are all interested and the River Plate President, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, despite saying he is'non-transferable' admits he has an agreement to let the striker leave this window if someone pays his release clause. So a non-transferable player that's transferable!


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