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Monday, 6 June 2016

Match Fixing 5 sentenced

I have brought you many stories that look at corruption in football, be it FIFA, UEFA, FA or Italy where it seems to be rife. In some instances corruption might be to a strong word, as in the case of the FA, but they certainly allow referees to get away with clear bias and fail to provide officials with the protection they need to be able to do their job, as they do in rugby union, without the intimidation sides like Chelsea systematically employ.

Bias happens far too often to be coincidental. I remember the 2009 Cup Final when John O'Shea should have been sent off early in the League Cup Final against us but the referee decided he didn't want to ruin the spectacle so was biased towards Manchester United and effectively handed them an advantage they shouldn't have had. The referee therefore had a deliberate affect on the outcome.

Up to date we saw Mark Clattenburg allow Gary Cahill repeatedly to come through the back of Harry Kane without a word being spoken to him and then he assists Manchester United in the Cup Final and has a material affect on the outcome. In big games the referee is having an undue influence on the result. Off-side is an easy one to check when there has been a goal with modern technology. Why should the game at the top lvel be held back simply because it is unworkable in League Two or non-league football due to the cost implication.

Match Fixing 5 sentenced

Back to Italy and more news of match fixing. It is no wonder there are websites out there who sell information about games where they allegedly know the result.

This time it is Bari where on Monday a judge sentenced five men to imprisonment from six to eighteen months. Thirteen others were acquitted. The trial concerned two Serie B games in 2008/09 this time.The judge found Bari had thrown the matches for a total of £167,921 (€220,000 - US$245,609 - AUS$338,205).

The defendants were former Bari, Salernitana and Treviso players and managers as well as Bari wheeler-dealer Angelo Iacovelli, all convicted of sporting fraud.

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