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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Batshuayi and Umtiti


I see the comical Daily Express are giving us an update that's weeks old. They are trying to suggest Michy Batshuayi choosing Tottenham over West Ham United is something new. It isn't, West Ham aren't even in the running anyway, they have nothing to offer.

He isn't going to be sold against his will to West Ham in the way Dimitri Payet was and that is not me talking it is the local paper La Provence. The Bayshuayi news isn't an update, Batshuayi chose Tottenham and verbally agreed terms weeks ago, all reported in the local Marseille press. Nothing has changed since then, we simply await their financial crisis getting worse. Go and have a read it's all there.

If this is the way our press behave then how can they wonder why we live in a beer swilling loutish behaviour society where the standards of a decent human being have been eroded so now we have a generation who don't even recognise such standards exist. The press have played their part, thieving pensions, phone tapping, dishonesty to hide their behaviour. Run some pieces telling parents how to bring up their children, then perhaps we won't have a yob gang culture at sporting events, that the innocent get injured for. Best not get onto politicians, hardly role models are they!

In other news, if I can stay on topic and not let my annoyance get the better of me, A player we were never really in the market to sign isn't joining us. Samuel Umtiti was never going to be happy playing second fiddle to Toby Alderweireld so we haven't lost out to Barcelona, who it seems want to sign him. Barcelona have ti update an ageing back line so a centre-back who shows he can handle the Camp Nou could have a long future there. That has to be tempting to any player.

According to Le Dauphine Libere, a deal has been struck with Untiti and there is just the fee to sort out with Lyon, expected to be around £23.78-million (EUR30m - AUS$45.76m - US$33.84m).

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