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Monday, 16 May 2016

No bidding war for Berahino

The Daily Express have come out with some nonsense this morning with the usual garbage suggesting there might be a bidding war for Saido Berahino. Bidding wars are a figment of journalists imagination, rarely do they ever exist.

No bidding war for Berahino

A selling club values their own player and adds extra on top, naturally they give the player a valuation on his best form whether or not he has actually achieved it, or is the case of a youngster, a valuation of something he might hypothetically achieve if he achieves his full potential, few actually do.

A buying club value a player and naturally value him and the lower end of the scale. The valuation is somewhere in between and then there is the discussion of how you pay for it. The selling club want all the money up front ideally and the buying club want to pay, especially for a youngster, a set fee and the potential part in performance-related add-ons, Thu,s if the player achieves the potential the selling club think he has they will get paid when he achieves it, if he doesn't then the buying club have not overpaid for a player.

Everton are said to be interested in WBA striker Berahino who obviously doesn't want to sign another contract at WBA with their chairman so is now valued at a fraction of the price he was last summer. It didn't take a genius to work out he wouldn't perform for WBA this season, indeed, I wrote an article last summer suggesting exactly this scenario would happen.  The WBA hierarchy have shot themselves in the foot and done their fans a disservice.

His premier League goal tally was a mere four all season in 1,740 minutes a goal every 435 minutes. Tony Pulis is giving it the old you must remain focused on WBA this summer to a player who hasn't been focussed for a year, he won't be focused on WBA that's for certain. He said he wouldn't play for WBA again while Jeremy Peace was there and arguably he hasn't, he's turned up, but you can hardly say he's performed. That isn't going to change this summer unless he wants to get fit for another club.

Berahino has only a year left on his contract and made it clear last summer that he wants to join Tottenham, with Champions League football on offer that may well be an even stronger desire now. We have moved forward, do we still see him as part of the future? We'll have to wait and see, but there won't be any bidding war for him that's for sure.

Transfermarkt value him at £11.25 million (14.26m EUR - US$16.15m).


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