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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Costa hands round Vorm's throat in brawl

Costa Hands Round Vorm's Throat In Brawl

There will be a lot for the authorities to sort out with the after-match brawl and general melee last night. Obviously at times like this rumours fly around and we the fans don't know the full extent of what happened or how much the tunnel cameras and microphones picked up.

I have seen suggestions that Diego Costa bit Michel Vorm, he certainly has him by the throat in the video below. Both sides let themselves down last night. It all boiled over and people trying to prevent problems escalating, like when Pochettino ran onto the pitch to keep Rose and Willian calm, are accused of trying to cause trouble or take part in it.

Both clubs will undoubtedly be charged for not controlling their players, what will be allowed to come out we'll have to wait and see.

The draw was caused by our midfielders passing the ball backwards to much and putting us into a defensive mindset. Midfield Must Take Responsibility For The Second Half


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