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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Quarter-final at stake, Wembley in sight again

Quarter-final at stake, Wembley in sight again

Good morning folks, it's matchday and we have a fifth round FA Cup tie at home to Crystal Palace to navigate.

We are playing against Emmanuel Adebayor, who will no doubt be fired up, but, far more importantly, the winners will be in the quarter-finals with Wembley in sight. If we want to be seen as a big club and if we want to be in the top four each year, be in the UEFA Champions League each year, then we need to be able to handle two games a week.

We have to have a squad that can take it, a squad that we can rotate and not significantly weaken the team. We are putting that together thanks to the restructuring of our scouting and recruitment. As written here a couple of years back we are placing greater emphasis on finding the right player mentally, it is now a key component we look for.

Having a manager who can handle a business is vital in today's game, a manager is more than just a coach, he organises the whole football side of a club. Yes, there are directors responsible but it is the manager who determines how successful the club are. He is the one who creates a playing style and how youth players are prepared for first team football. Mauricio Pochettino took a degree in business so understands how to manage a large organisation. Delegation and trust are essential. He brought his coaching staff with him, Paul Mitchell arrived and Rob Mackenzie. 

Gone are the days when a manager does everything himself, the scouting and deciding who to buy. Now he gives his requirements to people he trusts and they go our t and find the players for him. He then gets a list of players for each position and gives his yes or no to them, places them in order of preferability and hands the matter to others to arrange required purchases.

Being able to handle the infrastructure of a major business allows a coach to have maximum effect on a club, in the way Sir Alex Ferguson did at Manchester United. Giving up on competitions is not a winning trait. Giving it 100% while managing resources is. it is not a case of simply selecting a team for this game, just like a snooker player Pochettino has to think several moves ahead. he has to plan workloads. he'll have his core he wants to play and revolve around that, changing what personnel he can to maintain as much freshness as possible. Some roles are more demanding than others, we can see that in the squad rotation, especially at full-back where Rose and Davies are playing the same amount of football each.

Today will be another day of rotation, but the desire t win and progress we be as strong as ever.



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