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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Aston Villa 1st, Leicester 2nd, Spurs 6th, Arsenal 7th

How far do the Premier League teams travel? Below is the league table as it stands at the moment, the miles each side travels and where they are in a travelling distance table.

Aston Villa sit bottom of the league table and they also have to travel the least distance to fulfil their fixtures, Leicester City have the second least distance to travel over the season.

A look at the relegation zone sees teams who have to travel a lot, Newcastle, Sunderland, Norwich, Bournemouth, Swansea. Coincidence?

  1. Leicester City 3578 miles (2nd)
  2. Tottenham Hotspur 4080 miles (6th)
  3. Arsenal 4090 miles (7th)
  4. Manchester City 4314 miles (10th)
  5. Manchester United 4316 miles (11th)
  6. West Ham United 4240 miles (9th)
  7. Southampton 5030 miles (15th)
  8. Everton 4714 miles (14th)
  9. Liverpool 4700 miles (13th)
  10. Watford 3896 miles (5th)
  11. Stoke City 3836 miles (4th)
  12. Crystal Palace 4320 miles (12th)
  13. Chelsea 4128 miles (8th)
  14. WBA 3588 miles (3rd)
  15. Bournemouth 5516 miles (16th)
  16. Swansea City 5910 miles (18th)
  17. Newcastle United 7214 miles (20th)
  18. Norwich City 5548 miles (17th)
  19. Sunderland 7070 miles (19th)
  20. Aston Villa 3556 miles (1st)


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