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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Alli - we notice the fans supporting us

The fans who believe and are supporting the club as it should be supported have been noticed by the players.

Several players have come out and spoken about the impact the crowd are having and there is a real sense of everyone being in this together, everyone except those calling for the head of Danie Levy, the man who has us on the brink of a title.

The latest player was Dele Alli who spoke with the official website recently.

"The support has been unbelievable and all the lads have noticed it as well. The fans have definitely been the 12th man this season, getting behind us, keeping us going when we need to. 
"As a team, we never stop until the final whistle and a lot of that is down to the fans who are always right behind us to the end."

I'll say it again, positivity is a successful trait, negativity is the trait of failure. There is a reason the messages that come out of the club are positive. You don't hear anyone complaining they are not playing, those that do are shown the door, their negativity has no place at Spurs, and so it should be with the supporters too.

There is a world of difference between finding something that can be improved upon and bringing it to attention in a positive way and being negative without any idea how you would improve something.

I have written several times about our away fans specifically, they are always singing and making more noise than the home fans. City was an ideal ground as the fans were close to the pitch, the players could celebrate with them and Pochettino could go with the players to applaud them at the end of the game.

The media now seem to have got on board, clearly they didn't believe in this side before the Manchester City game, nor did the bookie with the odds they were offering.

If you want Spurs to win the title, why wouldn't you do everything in your power to help that happen? Why would you do the opposite of what brings success? Ignorance or desire for Spurs to fail for your ego?

The club is growing, there can not be a fan left who can't see we are improving so why would you want to change something that is working and taken us so close? It isn't logical.

Tonight we play Fiorentina and I see online people suggesting we should put all our eggs in one basket, that we should give up on the UEFA Europa League to concentrate on the Premier League. These people are promoting failure, they want us to adopt failure traits, clearly thy have no idea what winning traits are.

This s an important tie and we have shown in the FA Cup away to Leicester that we can put out a strong side that rests players. Having said that this is the first leg where we need to at least get a draw. Ideally, we need a win to make the second leg a little more comfortable.

What will that require, the clinical finishing we often miss and have been working on improving this year. When you are winning 2-0, 3-0 it is important to be as clinical at the end of games as we were when drawing 1-1 at Manchester City at the weekend. It has to be second nature finishing, not something you try to turn on and off when it matters.

Just like taking this competition seriously finishing is a state of mind, technically all players can finish, bit a players mental state determines execution of a skill. Take Ben Davies recently. He got into several brilliant positions and in one, in particular, his shot was going horribly wide when he tried to put too much power on the ball. It was quickly deflected in the other direction and just missed the post, but the execution of the shot was terrible. A glorious chance wasted.

Recently we have been having fast breaks where we outnumber the opposition and missed five guilt edged chances in a few games simply because the player with the ball couldn't decide what to do with it. 

There is a lot of work still to be done with this squad, as you would expect from young players. They want to play in every game, they want to win every game, entering negatives into the equation os not how successful clubs operate. This is a major European competition and an opportunity to mix and match the squad. 

These young [layers have limited experience of playing European teams, they are going to need that experience next season, they also need the experience of playing under pressure. They have to learn that there are no excuses, you either achieve or you don't. Fitness is constantly monitored as Ben Davies revealed, monitored more that at a mid-table club like Swansea.

That doesn't take place for fun, it takes place for a reason, it happens in all sport now. Sports science can see when a player is entering the danger zone for fatigue, the stats from exercises that are compared to their benchmark tests reveal that. Mauricio Pochettino, therefore, knows when to rest and when. He adjust workloads accordingly and removes certain players from games after 60 minutes for that reason. 

You can overwork youngsters and we are seeing with Dele Alli that he is substituted a lot, that is to manage his fatigue levels and thus reduce the risk of injury. There is a lot of talk about Kane, but he is monitored like everyone else, this is not Sunday park football, it is a professional sport where prevention is just as, if not more important, than treating an injury. Evaluating when a player is going into the danger red zone is a part of that.

Tonight should see Vorm start, Hugo Lloris is injured, Trippier and Davies, in midfield there are options with Bentaleb and Carroll for instance, Chadli, Lamela, Onomah. The weekend offers the opportunity to give these players a game also so I'd expect to see a strong side start with youngster coming on later to give players a rest before they play. A fairly strong side can play at the weekend, depending upon the result of the game tonight with as many as these players as possible pencilled in for next Thursday.

The first team will play in the next Premier League game and ideally the squad being used next Thursday. Selection for tonight will work back from the Premier League game to have the right players ready for that game. That is the way we have approached competitions all season, there will not be a deviation from that now. 

More of the same please.



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  1. Coys. Being a Spurs supporter for over 30 years, I've never been more connected to a Spurs team as this one. They are all working as one with no bad eggs. One game at a time and just trust in poch as he knows what to do. Just believe and keep on supporting and applauding the effort. Coys


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