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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Few months before Pritchard is fit

Alex Pritchard is hoping to be back in contention for the Sunderland fixture write the press and while it's a subject this site has left to the regurgitation websites. Common sense tells us that if a player has been injured for a long period then he has to get fit and we know the fitness levels of Spurs players has to be great. How then, having only just returned from injury is he supposed to be a 'realistic' loan option according to some websites? 

Mauricio Pochettino has brought some sanity to the situation by answering a question at the pre-Leicester City press conference that the youngster has been out for 6 months and that it will now take a few months for him to get fit.

He will re-join the first team group on Monday and start his fitness training. As we know, when a player comes back from injury it is natural to try and protect it and other injuries can occur as a result. Pritchard has already had one setback when he broke down and had to have an operation. That has resulted in him remaining out of action for a further few months and thus, he has been injured since the summer.

Mauricio Pochettino is naturally against loaning him out and no club would want an unfit player, which all goes to show the absurdity of the press and the news regurgitation websites writing such rubbish. Fortunately, fans contain sanity at this website instead of the insanity elsewhere. I have consistently maintained there is no benefit in loaning out first team squad members as you have to have a replacement for them. A couple of injuries and the players not playing are suddenly required and a manager has to have cover for that eventuality.

Some of you will, of course, shout Harry Kane, but it is the views of Mauricio Pochettino that count and he feels he has cover. He has insisted that Tottenham will only bring in a player that fits with our long term plans and that if we can't he is happy to continue with the squad he has. The fact that some supporters disagree is neither here nor there.

He has also let it be known that he is not interested in loaning out the fringe players in the squad. Again this is no surprise as they will learn more about our system training with us. The importance of the group can not be over estimated. We have a very happy group of friends and when you have that situation work is fun. Happy workers produce higher quality work in all forms of life. 

Several players have been muted by the media for loan moves including Harry Winks and Kevin Wimmer, who is wanted bu Stuttgart. He is likely to play against Leicester City in the FA Cup tie today where Pochettino has indicated squad players will get a chance to show him what they can do.


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