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Monday, 25 January 2016

Academy products

The aim for Tottenham is to create a conveyor belt of talent that minimises the loss felt if a player leaves. We need to put the best in one end and keep the creme de la creme while selling others to pay for the academy.

That is the formula Real Madrid and Barcelona use, their academies have to pay for themselves, that has to be how we run ours. Fans get attached to players and assume as one has made it almost all will if you just throw them in. You see crazy calls for Onomah, Clouthirst when he was here and others to play when they are not ready. In some cases they never will be.

Dele Alli and a youthful side is an attraction for young players, there is no doubt about that. I have no doubt at all that berahino has been behaving as he has because he wanted to come to Tottenham and sees his career being possibly held back by WBA. If we buy another striker, as I'm told by an ex-Fulham player and an agent that we have, then it may be that he has lost the opportunity of joining us, a potential title winning team. 

I'm sorry but joining Newcastle just isn't the same thing for your career. Life throws opportunities at you and it is up to you to recognise them and take them when they come along. I'm sure he did and wanted to, wants to.

Tottenham Academy have produced a list of former academy products now playing football elsewhere. The number is a testament to the coaches training the youngsters. There are four at Premier League clubs, one in Spain, one in Germany, one in Italy, one in Belgium, one in North America, one in Romania, one in Scotland, eleven in the Championship, eleven in League One and nine in League Two, that's 42 players in total.

All academy products now playing elsewhere in England's top four divisions or other major foreign leagues.

Another academy product, Alex Pritchard, is coming back to fitness, he is thought to be in contention for selection in about two weeks.

Josh Onomah is coming through and Tom Carroll has been getting starts recently, he'll probably be playing next week in the FA Cup against Colchester United.

Head of Coaching & Player Development - John McDermott
Academy Manager - Dean Rastrick
Assistant Head of Coach & Player Development - Nigel Gibbs
Assistant Head of Coach & Player Development - John Allpress
Assistant Head of Coach & Player Development - Justin Cochrane
Head of Academy Football Development - Gary Broadhurst
Under-21 Head Coach - Ugo Ehiogu
Under-21 Assistant Coach - Matt Wells
Under-18 Head Coach - Kieran McKenna
Under-18 Assistant Coach - Ledley King
Academy Goalkeeping Coach - Rob Burch
Academy Goalkeeping Coach - Pat Jennings MBE
Academy Goalkeeping Coach - Alex Welsh
Lead Academy Coach - Mehmet Ali
Lead Academy Coach - Michael Donaldson
Academy Coach - Paul Brush
Academy Coach - Bradley Allen
Academy Coach - Will Antwi
Academy Coach - Tony Tillbrook
Academy Coach - Joe Staunton
Academy Coach - Luke Georgiou
Academy Coach - Glen Hicks
Academy Coach - Trevor Duberry
Academy Coach - Miles Leighton
Academy Coach - Taff Rahman
Academy Coach - Aaron Cato
Pre-Academy & Development Centre Coordinator - Ryan Hall
Head of Sports Science & Medicine - Aaron Harris
Academy Doctor - Imtiaz Ahmad
Academy Doctor - Laurence Gant
Academy Physiotherapist (Under-21) - David Appanah
Academy Physiotherapist - Adam Paxton
Academy Physiotherapist - Dave McGinness
Head of Academy Physical Development - Matt Allen
Academy Sports Scientist - Chris Riley
Academy Sports Scientist Intern - Sam Pooley
Academy Sports Scientist Intern - Elliott Ferguson-Dillion
Academy Performance Analyst - Luke Georgiou
Academy Performance Analyst - Andrew Ratnage
Academy Performance Analyst – Rob Jarvis
Academy Recruitment Officer - Jason Hogg
Academy Head of Education - Trevor Webb
Academy Education Assistant – Helene Michaels
Academy Operations Manager - Luke Godfrey
Academy Administrator – Tina Gold
Academy Player Care Officer – Nick Boulli
Academy Liaison Officer – Dave Collins
Academy Kit Manager - Tavish Mahandru
Development/Academy Kit Assistant - Stan White

Club website: About the Academy



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