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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Stadium Size

There are various figures floating around for stadium size, the two main ones being 61,080 and 61,461 so a delve into the documents submitted with the planning application may give us an answer.

General admission 53,040
Hospitality 8,091
Media 233
Players bench and medical 97
Total 61,461

I can honestly say I have never considered players, medical staff and media seating as being part of capacity. The seating and corporate facilities we have to sell are the figures on interest and they total 61,131.

Having said that the official stadium plans say the 'current figure is 61,461. Those following every detail are suggesting that wheelchairs and their helpers have not been included in that figure, they total 47 taking the capacity to 61,508. You ca study the figures and draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Word is its gonna cost twice the amount 1st estimated.
    Which means more investment needed and by the time its secured and paid back this piddly nhl deal will be totally irrelevant

  2. yeeeeeeeeeeeah.............. if youre going to troll, at least be interesting and have an IQ over 6....



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