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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Spurs fans haveing to get used to versatility

Tottenham fans are having to come to terms with versatile players. Pochettino loves them and uses them at Tottenham, particularly in midfield.

There are plenty of calls to buy a striker and the club will when the right player is available at the right price who wants to come to Spurs. Pochettino won' simply be buying a striker to appease fans. He has already stated he feels under no pressure to buy as he has other options in Njie, Son and Chadli.

It was in midfield though against Southampton at the weekend that showed this versatility at work. Mousa Dembele started the game playing in the number 10 role behind Harry Kane, he then changed to playing on the left and then back into defensive midfield to play the link role alongside Eric Dier while Dele Alli took the opposite route. Both players played in three different positions in the same game.

Ryan Mason plays the link midfielder role generally but has also played the number 10 role, Nabil Bentaleb has played has played both the defensive midfield roles, (defence and link), Lamela can play wide or central, so can Chadli, Eriksen and Son. Eric Dier has played centre-back, right-back and defensive midfield since his arrival. It gives the coach so many options and is looking like a positive although 30 years ago it was deemed to be negative. Then you played one role and that was it generally.

Nobody actually knows how strong our striking options are, when I say everybody I mean fans. We can guess of course, but we don't see the players in training every day and Eric Dier is a case in point. Although many knew he could play there, few if any suspected he would be as good as he is there. Gareth Bale is another, many didn't want him switched to play centrally, but he was pretty useful when he was.

As far as strikers go we have several irons in the fire, we are watching plenty of players, if we can conclude the right deal for us as opposed to the right deal for someone else at our expense, then we'll have a backup striker, if not we'll wait until the summer. That is Pochettino's stated position, although I have seen some already wanting to start blaming Levy anyway.

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    1. A squad full of players that excell at nothing you mean

    2. No I don't mean, I don't have the attitude of a failure. So you feel we should sell Lloris and Kane for not excelling, what sort of fan are you, not a Spurs supporter obviously.



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