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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Spurs face Dier problem

Spurs face Dier problem

I was looking at the statistics for our UEFA Europa League campaign and they raise various points of interest. I'll produce a series of posts around them starting with Eric Dier

First let's have a look at a few statistics.

Eric Dier (Europa League)

Appearances: 5
Career Appearances: 9
Minutes Played: 436
Goals: 0
Career Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Shots On Target: 3
Shots Off Target: 1
Shots Blocked: 1
Shots Hit the Woodwork: 0
Passes Attempted: 213
Passes Completed: 199
Pass Completion Percentage: 93%

In addition, he has played 13 games in the Premier League (1,156 minutes) and against Arsenal in the League Cup. In total, he has played 1,677 minutes out of a total possible of 1,710 (not including injury time which he has played in all but 3 games anyway).

Fatigue is a big worry for Eric Dier, well for Pochettino and Spurs fans, I doubt Dier worries about it. With Bentaleb out he is our only defensive midfielder, although others can fill in. In the opening game against Manchester United Bentaleb played alongside him so does Pochettino see his future role as a box to box midfielder in the Mason, Alli role or are we trying to develop two defensive midfielders who can both perform the role to give us more adaptability and versatility?

This season we will play over 50 games again you would expect and Eric Dier will surely need some rest to not be burnt out at the crucial period at the end of the season. Like Kyle Walker before him he is playing every game and we know what fatigue did to Walker, he was out for 9 months. You can not simply just drive the body into submission, it will give out and demand rest.

Our scouting reports suggest we still have a new defensive midfielder on our radar, although it has been quiet on that front in the press. Will we make a signing in January, will we utilise Bentaleb in the role or pound Dier into the ground? Playing ahead is important to not be suddenly faced with an issue. I entirely agree with the policy of not buying for buying sake and not over paying for players, we are dealing with youth so what is best for the long term has to be our mantra.

While building for the future we are seeing that that improves the now, our unbeaten run is testimony ti that. Eric Dier has become key and we need to find ways to protect him a little, will he play against Monaco where we need to secure a point or should we take the opportunity to rest him?

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  1. Bantaleb is not a defensive midfielder. Look up his stats from last season. Mason was more defensive. He is a box to box midfielder, well at least he is supposed to be, and im surprised more fans don't know this. But yes a Dier injury is quite worisome. He has been the reason we can attack so well this season. I was hoping MoPo would play Velkovjic in Europa to rest Dier more, but we have not seen this. The Christmas period will prove pivotal and that's where squad management will prove vital but I can see no replacement for Dier.

  2. Bentaleb was playing defensive midfield last season and the season before!

  3. Mason was playing the box-to-box role. he can't head a ball which your defensive midfielder needs to do.

    Statistics can tell you anything you want, where on the park were tackles for instance or more importantly, which player drops between the two centre-backs when they split wide, he is the defensive midfielder. Dier does it now, Bentaleb has done it for a season and a half.

    Bentaleb may develop into a box to box midfielder. but that has not been the rule he has been playing to date, apart from the Manchester United game.



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