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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hazard fakes injury to avoid Mourinho?

A Belgian news outlet is asking if Eden Hazard faked serious injury to boycott under-fire Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. 

The report to their Belgian readers that nobody in England believed Eden Hazard was seriously injured as he left the field during Chelsea's defeat to Leicester City. Kris Van Crombrugge, the federation doctor of the Belgian National side, has been in contact with the Chelsea medical staff and despite an anouncement that further scans are needed he is apparently only bruised and will be fit for the weekend.

Mourinho has turned on his own players and my mates pre-season prophecy that Chelsea will not finish in the top 10 looks like being accurate at this stage. The problems at Chelsea are a testament that talent simply isn't enough and that you have to have the right mental attitude.

If a player, or players, do not want to play for a manager there is no point keeping them. The chaitman has to decide do the players have the power or does the manager hav the power? If it is the players you sack the manager, if it is the manager you sell the players.

For Chelsea to sack Mourinho though will cost them £40-million. They have new stadium plans for which funding won't be a problem, owners can pump money into infastructure. You have to loo around and ask who is available. The situation will be being discussed at board level obviously but it is the January transfer window that may well tell us who thay have sided with.
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