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Friday, 20 November 2015

US investor interest the tip of the iceberg for Tottenham

The anti-Levyites will be creaming themselves at the Telegraph article suggesting a Jerry Maguire type figure is interested in the club.

You can read the full article here: Tottenham ready for former US agent to show the money

Daniel Levy has aligned Tottenham with the NFL and, therefore, the burgeoning US market. Our two key marketing areas are America and Asia. There are heavy populations and money in both areas. In the case of America, they are also a fresh audience which create marketing opportunities for companies who engage through sponsorship deals with the club.

It is inconceivable that Tottenham are building a stadium with American football in mind without first having discussed the possibility of a future London base for and with the NFL. In effect, the club would simply be taking a gamble if agreements in principle hadn't been reached and Daniel Levy is not a gambling man.

While some ridiculously talk of the NFL signing a three-year agreement with Twickenham for a period where our stadium isn't even built yet as a Daniel Levy failure, the reality is that Tottenham have stolen a march on the competition. We have embarked on a long-term plan to help finance the club. 

It isn't the actual American football games that are important, it is getting the Tottenham name into US homes that is the key. American football can achieve that with far greater effect than possible any other viable method. That in turn leads to sponsorship and investment opportunities.

All the people thus far who have shown an interest in buying Tottenham have been investment companies or investment arms. They are not the type who will just pump money into the club for fun in the sugar daddy manner the anti-Levy cell jealously dream about. If you look at the Americans who have been involved with football clubs over here you will see they have not invested their own money. 

Manchester United supporters demonstrated against the Glaziers and formed a breakaway club and the Red Devils are now run on debt. They don't have a stadium to service so as long as income is sufficient to service that debt there isn't a problem. They are now expanding and building a club in the Real Madrid mould so as to strengthen their marketing brand. They are building a team of Galacticos which takes time.

Tottenham has had to devise a strategy for long-term growth. Joe Lewis, Daniel Levy and the board have had to devise a strategy for 10 years and beyond. To suggest all they are doing is positioning the club to be attractive to investors so they can make a buck is simplistic thinking. 

Few people, not even the anti-Levy cell, deny that Levy is good with money, that financially he has done very well for the club. We have been built from near bankrupcy to where we are now while our rivals have remained where they were. It is an achievement that shouldn't be underestimated, but it is an ongoing process, there is no finishing line. The strategy has had to determine how we push on from the base we have built.

The strategy determined is plain for all to see. both on and off the field. Whether you agree with it or not you can't deny that it is in place. I would argue that this period is where we have had the most clear cut strategy in my lifetime. previously it has been a short-term meandering along approach, one we have had probably since the 70's.

To build a successful football team you need to build a successful club Sir Alex Ferguson claimed in his recent TV programme on success, you can't have one without the other. he felt every aspect, however small, had to be first class, run as best as it possibly could. It is plain that Tottenham are now trying to upgrade the off-field business and run it in the mould of a successful club. New training facilities, better diet, better medical practices, better recruitment, building a scouting network, new stadium, NFL deal, flying to Premier League games, the list goes on.

People are impatient, of course they are, but there is no denying improvements are being made, there is no denying we are building as a club. Success isn't going to come overnight, the income has to be built to build the team. We can build with youth, the problem arises when that youth improves as bigger clubs will want them. We, therefore, have to build a successful business off the field to be able to keep players on the field, it comes down to wages in the end. Success will mean we can afford higher wages and keep players, but that has to be guaranteed with off the field income.

America is a huge financial market, breaking America for any music artist takes them to a new financial plain, it is the same in sport, in business. The club that can break it first becomes a dominant factor in that market and could conceivably transform itself into a dominant factor within the Premier League. 

If Tottenham can achieve that, and this is what the NFL deal is all about, then the club becomes the number one investment vehicle for American companies in the Premier League. The type of shirt deal that Manchester United have with Chrysler, £47-per-year is in a different league to any other club. Arsenal £30m, Liverpool £20m, Man City £20m, Chelsea £18m, Spurs £16m, Newcastle £6m.

The Telegraph article is a sign of interest, a sign that the potential for the club is being seen, the key will be securing a deal to become the NFL base in London. They have to have a home somewhere so why not Tottenham. That is a clear long-term strategy and one Spurs fans should be supporting for the future benefits it will bring our club.

In the shorter term, we build the infrastructure and grow with the additional income that that generates. We can certainly grow with it and put ourselves on a par with the top four so we play with a more level playing field. Manchester United are trying to take themselves to another level, Man City and Chelsea are at the moment stagnating at their current levels. Chelsea can build a new stadium, Man City need to grow their commercial revenue stream.

Tottenham can't stand still, Tottenham aren't standing still, it's why now is such an exciting time for all Spurs fans. The overall picture is a very bright one, a strategy off the field, a strategy on the field while we build the off the field whose income will then impact on the field.

Will that take 5 years, will it take more, who knows. How the stadium is financed will determine growth on the field and as yet we don't know the answer to that one.

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  1. Very well written article! The most consice summing up of the current situation at our club that I've read. Spurs are definitely on the rise!

  2. 1 trophy in 15 years, by 2030 we might have another 1. Exciting times

  3. Some of us have the intelligence to understand why and understand wages determine success. When you have acquired knowledge of the football game today come back and let us know. I take it you don't bother to go on holiday because you don't like the trip there and are incapable of drawing any enjoyment from it. How sad for you.



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