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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Stats suggest Spurs will finish above Chelsea

Many pundits are predicting that Chelsea will make the top four, but statistics suggest they won't. They also suggest that Tottenham are on course for a top-four finish.

A team needs 68.6 points on average to finish 4th, Tottenham have 24 points from 13 games so far, an average of 1.846 points per game. There are 25 Premier League games remaining and Tottenham would need 44.5 points, an average of 1.78 points per game.

The editor of has done some maths or math if you are American.

Chelsea's mountain to climb:

A graduate student from British Columbia backed that up with statistics since 2000/01 showing nobody has shown the required improvement this century that Chelsea need to reach the top four this season. Their odds are currently a general 3/1.

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