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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Duck for Christmas anyone, Spurs head striker chase

Duck for Christmas anyone, Spurs head striker chase

Much has been written about Alexandre Pato (translates as Duck) with the British press trying to portray any talk as a certain transfer. It seems to be the case for Brazilians and Spurs, remember Leandro Damiao will he won't he soap opera. 

The reality of the situation is that Pato has to leave his club Corinthians when his loan spell at Sao Paulo ends at the end of the year. Contracts in Brazil run from January to the end of December, whereas in Europe they run from July to the end of June. Pato will have 1 year left on his contract and he is not wanted in the first team squad by the Corinthians coach, although that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Back in October Pato met with football agents Kia Joorabchian and Giuliano Bertolucci together with former Corinthians president Andrés Sánchez over dinner in a hotel. Corinthians have been widely reported to be happy for both Joorabchian and Bertolucci to find Pato another club. He can hardly go back to a club where the coach doesn't want him and supporters have tried to break his legs. In addition, his agent went to court to try and get him freed from his contract so there is no love lost either way, although nobody can say that publicly.

Corinthians own 60% of his economic rights and Pato himself owns the other 40%. He was signed as a marketing figurehead which upset existing players and didn't work out when he didn't find his form. A sale is rather urgent and although he has a manager, Gilmar Velez, it is the two high-profile agents tasked with securing a deal. To that end he has been offered around Europe, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish clubs have all been offered him so he can pick and choose where he wants to go next. 

Pato has made no secret that he wants a return to Europe and that he wants to play in the 2018 World Cup, currently he is not in the Brazil squad, Dunga doesn't seem to like him despite his fine form for Sao Paulo. Nobody is interested at the proposed Corinthians figures generally quoted at around £13.93-million (US$21.01m - AUS$28.93m - €19.81m) which would give them a profit on the original deal to buy him.

the Daily Star reported that Liverpool has a deal to buy him at  around that higher figure which was refuted on Brazilian television channel Sport TV by the Corinthians president Roberto de Andrade. It sounds very much as if Liverpool's name in Europe is being used to drum up interest with Liverpool distancing themselves from such talk as well.

"Corinthians have received nothing specific. I still think, Pato is a great player, and I continue with the certainty that we will negotiate the player for the European market."

As a last resort and a resort it is going to have to be given there is only a year left on his contract, a lower figure of around £8.03-million (US$12.5m - AUS$17.25m - €19.81m) interests clubs. Corinthians want to get back all they paid for him, £10.5-million  (US$15.83m - AUS$21.83m - €14.94m), but that may not be possible given their burning desire to sell him.

It doesn't put them in a very strong position as a selling club and the coach has been warned he may have to reintroduce him back into the first team squad, despite not wanting him signed in the first place or wanting him now. That, however, is only for the Florida Cup and as a chance to showcase his talents so he can be sold. 

One option I haven't seen discussed yet is a long loan deal until the end of our season with the option to buy for a set fee in July. That would give us the chance to have a look at him in situ and make a decision. Contract length and terms could be agreed if he performed as expected and would minimise risk on our part. Whether such a deal can be completed or whether Corinthians would countenance such a deal I don't know, unless you negotiate you can never achieve.

The Corinthians coach sees him as having too much of an ego and a disruptive influence on his squad. That red flag will have to be thoroughly researched by Tottenham before any transfer is finalised. We have to have players here to play football, not here for the money as was the case of our previous Corinthians signing Paulinho. 

To counter that his recent words to the press over the remaining games he has to play at Sao Paulo are very positive and leave the right impression.

"I will not stay in Sao Paulo next year. I watched an interview with [interim Sao Paulo president] Leco and he said it is very difficult to sign me. 
"I want to help Sao Paulo in this final stretch, these five very important games, because I want to put the team into the Copa Libertadores. 
"I see no problem. I'm a professional and I have to always do my job. I want to devote my best to them and go on vacation with a feeling of accomplishment."

Borussia Dortmund, Schalke, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona are all scouting him. Both German sides are thought to have made proposals, Liverpool have held talks and Manchester United tried to buy him on transfer deadline day, yes someone other than Daniel Levy tries to do deadline day deals.

It is reported in Brazil that Tottenham do seem the club most interested in him and the fact that agents Joorabchian and Bertolucci are flying to London for discussions does add weight to the story. The Premier league is a rich league though and the pair will no doubt be meeting Arsenal, manchester United and perhaps Liverpool officials as well while they are here. 

It is far too early to start counting our chickens, we are just one interested party negotiating. I for one would hope we can add his experience to the squad. For me, he is a far far better option than players like Jamie Vardy, Charlie Austin or Saido Berahino.

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  1. I agee 100%...if he stays fit at that price would be a bargain. If he doesn't fit and has to be moved on id rather lose a coupke of mil on him than forseeably 10 or more on Berahino.



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