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Monday, 21 April 2014

Disaster for Tottenham

The disaster for Tottenham looks like it is edging closer. Manchester United lost 2-0 at Everton and the club refuse to comment on David Moyes long term future, all they will confirm is that he has not been sacked.

If Moyes goes Louis Van Gaal will want the job and it's highly likely he'd get it. Once again it would be a case of Spurs lining up a player or a manager who then waits for a possible better offer and along ones comes.

Disaster for Tottenham

Often that is because we don't achieve Champions League football, this time it is simply a case of Van Gaal wanting to go to the biggest club. He believes he is the best so wants the best club naturally and Manchester United have a vastly superior budget to ours.

If the disaster happens we are then left scratching around for at best a third choice manager after number two choice Cesare Prandelli signed a new contract to stay with the Italian national team for another two years.

For many Southampton boss Maurico Pottichini will be the favourite but Southampton are poor defensively and have shipped goals in the second half of the season, is that what we want? We have scored 6 against them ourselves with a manager who is making it up as he goes along. Is that the quality we want?

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You have to love Sherwood's honesty

Tottenham need a big manager, a major manager, we need to be hiring the best we can not gambling that unproven manager will come good.

There has been speculation that Tottenham were putting pressure on Van Gaal to make a decision this week so that may well have set wheels in motion. The Dutchman would not commit to Spurs if he knew Man United was going to become available and had a balancing act to decide whether to wait.

Of course he will have discussed the situation with someone at United, he will have tried to find out if the job may become available, it's the natural thing to do.

We will know soon if we have lost the man we want to take us forward.



  1. Sherwood is a good manager, able to work with a squad that wasn't his formation and gel the whole squad, the sandro case is trying to force the best of sandro to come forth not egoistic ally ignore his talents but demand better of him in training
    Sherwood deserves a season to justify to us his true worth, the risk we put the club on employing AVB isn't as grave as allowing Sherwood a whole season, in my opinion he is better than AVB OR HARRY, and his effect on our youth means arsenal would definitely grab him should Monsieur Arsene wenger wish to step down

  2. Ha ha Sherwood at the arseholes that is classic

  3. Bring redknapp back and give him some money played entertaining football under him wasnt backed 100% by levy and still achieved the cl. But on 1 condition you show some emotion when we actually score goals



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