Spurs 2nd, Man C 3rd, Leicester 4th, Stoke 5th

With a lull in the Premier League while the FA Cup takes place I have taken a statistical look at the league season so far and continue that with a look at how long each side has spent in a winning position.

Tottenham come out in second place behind leaders Arsenal with Manchester City and Leicester City behind us, Stoke City make  a surprising appearance in 5th place.

Minutes Winning

  1. Arsenal 687
  2. Tottenham Hotspur 605
  3. Manchester City 601
  4. Leicester City 552
  5. Stoke City 541
  6. West Ham United 508
  7. Watford 591
  8. Manchester United 490
  9. Southampton 467
  10. Chelsea 451
  11. Everton 426
  12. Liverpool 390
  13. Bournemouth 376
  14. WBA 338
  15. Crystal Palace 316
  16. Norwich City 301
  17. Newcastle United 281
  18. Swansea City 251
  19. Sunderland 166
  20. Aston Villa 107

The has been a momentous decision taken by the International Rootball Association Board which you can read all about in these three articles.

Video assistance for referees by 2018/19
FA Cup to use video replay trials for referee decisions
Video help works in rugby but is abused in cricket

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  2. Would be interesting to see 'Minutes not losing' if possible. I'd suspect that Spurs would be well ahead on that scale.

  3. Already written and coming out this morning in 4 minutes (08.30 hrs)


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