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Franco Baldini out Sevilla Sporting Director Monchi in?

Tottenham are said to be keen to employ Sevilla Sporting Director Ramón ‘Monchi’ Rodríguez Verdejo when his contract expires.

Franco Baldini out Sevilla Sporting Director Monchi in?

Monchi himself is said to want a job at FC Barcelona and Barcelona-based sports daily Mundo Deportivo report that former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola has already had a meeting with him. That meeting they say was arranged by Guardiola's agent, his brother Pepe, to try and persuade the 46-year-old to join him at Bayern Munich.

He has turned down an offer to join Zenit St Petersburg and Jose Mourinho is known to have wanted him when at Real Madrid, clearly he is held in high regard.

Monchi is credited with compiling a low-budget squad that has gone on to win the Europa league and that appeals to Daniel Levy and the Tottenham board. His philosophy is broadly the same as Tottenham and Mauricio Pochettino knows his work from the time the Argentinian was with Espanyol.

Where does that leave Franco Baldini? Are Tottenham not happy with his work thus far given the players he has brought in have not exactly set the Premier League alight. Monchi has decided this will be his last season at Sevilla, he waits for Barcelona but if they do not come knocking then we can expect Daniel Levy to step up his efforts.


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